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Desire Love Story Tender Together Gold Twinned Heart Necklace

Desire Love Story Tender Together Gold Twinned Heart Necklace

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The Desire Twinned Heart Necklace

Born from our desire to spread a message of love, the Tender Together necklace takes its sentiment to heart. Symbolising this longing to relish and share in feelings of devotion, two of our iconic heart pendants unite in perfect harmony to celebrate this love and compassion.

Made in rhodium-plated sterling silver, each heart is outlined in our unmistakable Kit Heath style, detailed with a soft satin finish along the inner surface. The smaller of the two hearts stands out with its 18ct gold plate detail. Joined together on a fine trace chain (adjustable to be worn at 16 or 18 inches), both hearts move around freely through concealed bales, naturally gravitating towards each other in the centre.


Evolved from our timeless Desire heart, Love Story celebrates love and affection in an unimitable, tangible style. Made in rhodium-plated sterling silver with touches of satin textures and 18ct gold plated details, this silver heart jewellery collection is both timeless and modern in its design.
Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver & 18ct Gold Plate
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