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Tips For Planning The Perfect Proposal

Coming up with the best way to ask those four little words can be a challenge for anyone, even the guys who are romantic on an every-day basis. Naturally, you want this day to never be forgotten so you feel the pressure of making it amazing and big, but sometimes all it should be is personal to your relationship. 

We know, that's a lot to think about. So don't worry, we're going to help a little with these 10 tips to successfully plan that perfect proposal. 

Test the waters.

The last thing you want to do is catch her off-guard with a proposal out of nowhere, so think back to those heart-to-hearts, did you ever talk about the future and what is holds for you both? You want her to truly be beyond joyful when you ask for her hand so having these conversations to start with is always a good idea. 

Finding the perfect ring. With the perfect fit. 

Everyone has different preferences, she has already imagined what her perfect ring would be so it's going to be hard, and while she assures you she will love anything you get, you are still feeling the pressure to get it spot on.

Our advice is to take a look at the rings she wears for special occasions, on an every-day basis or what she has mentioned in the past regarding rings. We advise also taking the time to speak to her closest friends to see if they can help, they might know a little more about this subject than you think!

Our last word of advice is to visit a jewellers, we deal with a number of nervous grooms-to-be everyday and you will be surprised at how much they can help. Our lovely Rock Lobster staff can help you pick the perfect ring over a nice coffee while you discuss all your options, from price ranges to stone shapes to materials. 

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Talk to her parents.

There's no need to ask her Father for permission unless that is important to her, but it is considered a respectful gesture especially if she is particularly close to her parents. Nobody is bound to her better than her own parents so it might be wise to have a little chat about what she would like. 

Make it a surprise.

I know we suggest you have 'the talk', and even if you decide to involve her in picking out her engagement ring, we still believe the proposal itself should a genuine and lovely surprise. 

Be prepared and practice a little bit.

You will think saying those four little words can't be that hard, until you are in the moment feeling emotional and nervous. So that you don't get in your head and struggle to get the words out, we suggest that practising, even a little bit, will help. Some people like to say what comes to their head in the moment, others like to write elaborate reasons why you love them and why she is your soulmate, while others just to like to say those four little words. It all depends on the individual and the relationship, whatever you choose is the right way forward.  

Select a sentimental and personal location.

Think back to the day you first met, perhaps your first date at that cute cafe, the bar where you shared your first kiss or even the spot where you first said 'I Love You'. Choosing a location with meaning will fill the moment with nostalgia and new memories, making it a moment you won't ever forget. 

If you decided to use a public place, make sure that you speak to the venues as they might be able to help in making the night special. 


A way to always remember this very special day, have a friend film or photograph the event so that you can later replay the moment with your closest family or friends. If you are having a big 'do', it might be worth hiring a photographer to capture that very personal moment.

Have a plan to celebrate.

Okay so you proposed, she said yes. What's the next step? You will both be over the moon with emotions and love, so make sure you plan something that you will both be able to enjoy (make dinner plans, have cocktail dates, invite all your friends to celebrate, etc.) 

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