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Bespoke Design Service

"Designing and making a piece of bespoke jewellery
allows the capture of memories, emotions and sentiment
which are personal to you"

We believe that every piece of jewellery should be individually incredible, just as you are. With Rock Lobster's
Design Service, we encourage you to embrace your inspirations to create, customise and personalise your unique piece of jewellery. 

What to expect


Meet with our designer

Booking an initial face-to-face consultation with our experienced designer provides a great opportunity to discuss endless possibilities regarding design, budget and inspiration behind the bespoke piece of your dreams. 
Based in the historical Reindeer Court in Worcester, you will find our store with a sparkling variety of designer jewellery to inspire your bespoke designs. Whether it is an ever-special engagement ring, a necklace of emotional importance or a piece to remember a special moment by.


Bringing your design to life

Crafting any bespoke piece of jewellery with very special details requires great sensitivity and a deep understanding that this piece must reflect the personality of the wearer. 
Following approval of design brief and specifications, our designer Julia will then sketch possibilities. Using varied stones and settings in order to find the best way to showcase your intricate and unique piece of jewellery.
At each stage of this process, there will be communication between client and designer to ensure that a beautiful piece of jewellery is achieved.


Crafting your unique jewellery

Working exclusively close to the design of your individual jewellery our designer Julia, will then create the jewellery using our in-ho,use workshop and design studio. 
With great experience in the jewellery making field, no task is too big for our designer. 


Revealed & made with love

Finally, Julia will then present you with your creation in the studio and share her experience of the production process before you leave with your treasured piece to cherish.

Book an appointment

If you are looking to eternalise a feeling, rework a family
heirloom or create something special - get in touch to discuss possibilities.