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How to find the perfect ring

You are about to purchase the object that will be a permanent symbol of the most important relationship of your life, so we know you are feeling the pressure to get it just right for her. An engagement ring should be thoughtfully regarded, and only bought when you are absolutely certain. We created these simple steps to finding the ring that will make her say 'WOW'. 

Start with the 4 Cs.

Knowing the basics of Diamond shopping will seem like a whole new world, but it is necessary so that you know you are getting what is being advertised. To read our Diamond Guide, click here. 

Shape matters most.

Every woman has different tastes, different sizes and very different ideas about what the 'perfect ring' will look like. It is good to know what shape your future fiancee loves. The shape of the diamond will indicate the actual geometry of the stone, as opposed to cut which is the angles of the facets in the stone. There are many shapes to choose from, so it is worth your time getting to know which shape she often wears and what shape is dream ring is. 

Become a Private Investigator.

Don't take this point too seriously, but subtlety spy on her style. The trend nowadays is for couples to pick out the engagement ring together, but if you're more of a traditionalist and you're looking to surprise her with a ring she'll absolutely love - be sure to do some reconnaissance. Does she wear more silver/platinum jewellery or does she lean towards warmer gold colours? Does she gravitate towards vintage jewels or is she a minimalist person?

Asking her closest friends or family to help is a sure way to find out her dream style without putting yourself at risk of being found out - as long as the help is sworn to secrecy!

Think metal and width.

Choosing the right band is all about the compatibility between the wearer and the metal. Our most popular choice is platinum as it is extremely durable and pure, as well as making it the best choice for hypoallergenic and sensitive skinned individuals. 

To figure out which metal is best, look at all our different ring options or even pop into our shop to have a friendly chat about what is best. 

Time is everything.

Okay, so you decided you want to propose and you want to propose soon. But the likelihood of finding the perfect ring with specific requirements in a short space of time are slim, so be sure to give yourself enough time to accommodate problems. Most rings are in stock and ready for instant purchase. Sizing can be adjusted in our on-site workshop.  

We can work with you if you like a particular style of ring but would like to just change the size or shape of the diamond. You'll be invited into our design room where you can peruse a selection of diamonds to your specification.

Why not make the occasion special and have something designed and made in our on-site workshop. This will take slightly longer depending on the intricacies of the ring, but this normally takes 3-4 weeks where a ring will be lovingly made to your specifications. To have a look at our Bespoke Design Service, click here.

Working with a budget.

Get rid of that two-month salary myth - you are the only person who can decide how much you can realistically spend on an engagement ring. You should be able to buy the ring of your dreams without going into major debt - if she wants a big ring, you can always settle with less sparkle but a bigger surface area. It is also recommended buying just shy of the next carat (for example try a 1.8 instead of a 2) which can actually knock down the price by nearly 20 percent. 

Here at Rock Lobster we also offer a payment programme for those who wish to purchase their dream ring, but are unable to do so at that particular moment in time. For more information, please visit our store or click here. All applications must be made in store. 


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