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The Infinity Trio Grande Necklace

The Infinity Trio Grande Necklace

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Strongly symbolic, this Infinity Trio necklace is a luxury piece crafted to represent love and connectedness—forevermore. Graduated Infinity symbols converge to form a stunning focal point, making this sterling silver necklace the ideal present to mark a special event, honoring the memories we strive to keep alive. Intended to be classic and enduring, we have faith that you will cherish it for many years to come.

Crafted with elegance and timeless magnificence, the rhodium-plated sterling silver Infinity Trio Grande Necklace is a striking masterpiece, gracefully looping in its signature shape.

Weight: 19.00g
Width: 10 cm
Height; 2.50cm
Stones: N/A
Metal: Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver
Chain Length: 18"
Colour: Silver
Gender: Female
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