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The Infinity Solo Ear Cuff

The Infinity Solo Ear Cuff

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Accentuate your ensemble with a hint of contemporary flair by donning our Infinity Solo ear cuff. Crafted in an iconic looping form of the Infinity symbol, this piece sits against the ear without the need for additional accessories. Intermix with your earring set for a stylish final touch; the perfect addition to complete your look with modern sophistication.


Crafted with exquisite detail and timeless design, the Infinity Solo Ear Cuff flaunts a luxurious rhodium-plated sterling silver in a graceful looping arch, designed to nimbly embrace the cartilage of the ear without a piercing. The cuff measures an elegant 5mm in width, so unaltered, it can retain its exquisite shape.


Weight: 1.70g
Width: 1.40cm
Height: 1.00cm
Stones; N/A
Metal: Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver
Colour: Silver
Gender: Female
Item: 41161
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