Rock Lobster Jewellery are very proud to stock premium collections of jewellery available in Worcestershire. We specialise in providing not only the best service, but jewellery of the highest quality from world-renowned designers working from extravagant ranges of silver, gold, palladium and platinum jewellery.

We are committed to promoting ethical and responsibly sourced products by ensuring the social and enviromental practices throughout our business partners, our employees and our business. All our Diamond Jewellery comes with a certification of authentication and details of the diamond.

Furrer Jacot for Rock Lobster

We are proud to offer a wide range of Furrer Jacot Wedding and Engagement rings, with a premium standard and a lifetime warranty, you will never go wrong with the never-ending beauty of Furrer Jacot.

"With the claim of individuality, authenticity, creativity and exclusivity, Furrer Jacot has become a leader in creating diamond rings, carbon fibre rings, wedding bands and engagement rings industry, creating unique and individual wedding bonds of love."

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Henrich & Denzel for Rock Lobster

Finding Wedding and Engagement rings which are perfected to the highest standard each time is difficult, but this has never proved a problem for Henrich & Denzel.

"From the very beginning, we have specialised in the crafting of platinum. All precious stones and diamonds used by us are of extremely high quality. Jewellery by Henrich & Denzel has always been handcrafted – supported through technological precision. Designs which are timeless turn our jewellery pieces into classics of everlasting value, which enjoy recognition by jewellery lovers worldwide."

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August Gerstner for Rock Lobster

A Gerstner ring is not just any ring, it is a ring for life. Every ring is handmade to beautiful high standards for that special occassion in your life.

"Gerstner gives top priority to the use of innovative technologies in the production area. Highly qualified goldsmiths do the artistic handicraft work which makes every Gerstner ring a precious piece of jewellery."

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