Diamond Guide

19 years ago Rock Lobster began helping customers fall in love with sparking diamonds, and to this day we believe that a diamond piece is an investment, no matter the price tag, and should always be approached thoughtfully. This is why we love providing the right information and space so that you can make an informed decision.

We decided to compile all the important bits and bobs that you should look for when purchasing your diamond, whether it's your first time or you are adding to the collection .


The most brilliant example of Earth’s forces at work, the diamond has fascinated people throughout history, within all realms of society – from scientists to royalty to celebrities. First formed millions of years ago, in conditions that will never be seen on the Earth again, each diamond we come across is unique. Leading gemmologists, gem specialists, physicists and cultural observers have covered every facet of information, from formation to economic standing to the historical regal and social importance.

Diamond Characteristics

The Four C's

We like to think that there is more to a Diamond than just how it looks on your finger, knowing how to look out for a truly spectacular diamond is fairly crucial as every diamond is unique and almost never share the same origin story. That's why here at Rock Lobster, we like to delve deep into the 4 Characteristics of a diamond to ensure that our Diamonds are some of the best. 


Designer Diamonds

We are the biggest independent Designers Jewellers located in Worcester, with over 50 International and British designers all dealing in diverse craftsmanship and stunning materials. All our Diamond jewellery has a background - it has been made with love and the utmost attention to detail has been given to all our pieces.