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Perfect Pieces For June Birthdays

Being a June baby or shopping for a loved Gemini or Cancer has never been easier, this month you have two birthstones to choose from - Pearl or Moonstone. Both of these gems hold both a rich history and unique beauty parallel to none. 

Here are some reasons why Pearl or Moonstone jewellery will make the perfect gift for June birthdays! 

Stone History

For centuries upon centuries, Pearls were deemed the most precious and valuable stone. During the 1500s in the UK, we were given the 'Pearl Age' by the revered Tudors by which most powerful citizens and costumes were adorned with the popular gemstone. Halfway around the world in Chinese culture, Pearls were believed to protect wearers from fire and dragons, whilst other cultures likened the precious stone with chastity and modesty. 

In the early 1900s, Asia discovered how to create cultured pearls by placing a small nucleus into a living oyster, this causes a pearl to form around the nucleus. This is now widely called 'the culturing technique'. 

You can now get cultured or wild-harvested pearls, saltwater or freshwater, luminous white or tinted natural pearls - making them an entirely versatile stone!

Buchwald white gold pink morganite pearl necklace Silver CZ pearl drop earrings
Alex Monroe gold pearl chysanthemum bracelet Claudia Bradby Silver white keshi pearl nerissa pendant
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The Moonstone is an almost magical gem, with a beautiful multicoloured glow referred to as 'adularescence', caused by light scattering through the stone's inner layers - this is the reason why moonstone was highly coveted throughout the artistic Art Nouveau era. The stone found popularity again through the hippie years of 1960's and 1970's.

Hindu mythology strongly believed that a moonstone was created by moonbeams, whilst many other cultures around the world likened the stone with the moonlight as the multicolour glow resembled the moon shining bright on an ocean or when looking at the moon through thin clouds. 

The beauty of a moonstone is definitely mysterious or otherwordly, and it makes for an ideal present for Geminis or Cancers. 

Wharton 18ct white gold moonstone and diamond pendant Chlobo rose gold moonstone ying yang bracelet
Daniel Vior Silver moonstone soro stud earrings Daniel Vior Silver moonstone Soro pendant


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