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Why Engelsrufer is the accessory for you

Are you a believer in Guardian Angels? Imagining your own guardian angel is hard enough, but calling them forward in a time of need shouldn't be difficult.

An ancient tradition has helped us make this possible - the 'Engelsrufer' or Angel Whisperer is a precious jewel, fragile like an angel but strong enough to help in all situations. The belief is that this powerful pendant will call forward your guardian angel to protect the wearer, 'Soundballs' have a secret bell, each one has its own unique and subtle sound.

Hand-crafted with care and guaranteed high-quality, all Engelsrufer jewellery pays very close attention to detail, with intricate swirls and carefully set stones. All of the beautiful pendant baskets are made from 925 Sterling Silver, finished off with refined rhodium plate to increase comfort when wearing the necklace.

The Engelsrufer collection includes bracelets, charms, chains and earrings, in addition to the popular pendants in different sizes with matching wings and the rainbow of charming Soundballs.

How it works

There are three beautifully hand-crafted parts to an Engelsrufer pendant - the pendant basket, the soundball and a chain.

Pendant baskets come in three different sizes and colours, simply choose what your heart desires as all baskets can be opened to swap soundballs. All pendant baskets are made to be worn with a soundball - soundballs have unique subtle chimes and meanings, provided in product descriptions of a soundball. Each soundball is hand-crafted and painted carefully from metal.

You are able to customise your pendant as you wish, although we do recommend purchasing and wearing Engelsrufer accessories for your pendant.

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