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Engagement Rings & Your Zodiac Sign

Checking your horoscopes is either a guilty pleasure or a way of life for some, I definitely like to take peek every now and again.

Placing the perfect diamond on your finger is one of the most memorable and special parts of an engagement, besides the wedding itself! SO your engagement ring should be unique to you, even if it means mixing classical designs with your own twist.

But how can you make sure that the right going on your finger is perfect? Ask the stars, of course! Your zodiac sign doesn’t only reveal your signature traits,but also your major style tendencies and your tastes in design. Whether you’re a romantic Taurus who goes googly-eyed over pink stones or a classic Capricorn who appreciates the sophistication of a traditional diamond, there’s a diamond for you. Read to on to see what’s written in the stars for you.

 Ungar & Ungar White Gold Diamond & Ruby Ring



As an Aries, your signature confidence helps to define you. You’re bold in what you do and you are extremely active, so a ring that’s comfortable. but not oversized is just right for you. You love strong colours and unexpected, unique pieces that have that certain je ne sais quoi.

Buchwald Rose Gold Large Marquise Morganite & Diamond Ring



The ring is everything for you, Taurus. You can’t help it – you want what you want. You love texture and colours that make you feel sensual or romantic, like pastel pink. Because you favour high-quality pieces, you don’t mind showing off what you’ve got by making a statement.

Buchwald White Gold Ring With Cognac Diamond Set in Rose Gold



You can’t be so easily pinned down to any one style, Gemini. In fact, the best thing about you is that you love a surprise and you’re not afraid to switch things up. You’re extremely playful too, so an eye-catching silhouette and maybe something unexpected, like a touch of gold, makes for the perfect engagement ring. You never know what you might pair it with!

Amore Yellow Gold Pearl Ring With A Cluster of Diamonds



You may be a classicist, but nothing can stop you from going wide-eyed over pearls. Shiny white and silver make for a winning colour combination when it comes to your entire wardrobe. The ultimate ring for you is one that gets noticed, but is also appreciated for elegance.

18ct Yellow Gold Diamond & Emerald Ring



Aah, Leo. You’re loud, you’re bright and you know how to make an entrance. Your engagement ring should suggest the same. Go for one of your favourite warm colours like gold or yellow, and let everyone admire that glowing addition to your finger.

Rock Lobster Palladium Princess Cut Diamond Halo Ring



You pay attention to every detail. It’s just in your nature to appreciate and analyse every curve of your band and the different angles from which your stone glistens. More importantly, though, you love a delicate piece that’s also practical.

Rock Lobster 18ct White Gold Blue Sapphire & Diamond Ring



There’s no denying that blue is your colour. But not just any blue, your favoured shade is somewhere in between royal and deep navy, so you have a strong liking for sapphires. Because you love the look of something balanced, diamonds and stones set in a braided band is the epitome of perfection.

Rock Lobster Platinum Ruby Ring With Diamond Set Shoulders



Scorpio, you’re an intense person all around. You tend to favour dark colours like black and red, so a light, ordinary diamond is simply not special enough for you. Look for rubies to jazz up the design of your ring, and make sure it suggest that you’re passionate yet edgy.

Rock Lobster White Gold Amethyst Ring With Split Diamond Shoulders



You’re extremely adventurous, open to change, and love an interesting silhouette or shade, like purple, your power colour. You’ll be surprised how quickly you fall in love with your unique ring, which is decidedly simple in size and shape, since you’re never fuzzy.

Rock Lobster Platinum Diamond Ring With Diamond Set Shoulders



Your sophistication is undeniable. You appreciate fine craftmanship and tradition, so there’s no doubt you’ll want to wear the most perfect diamond stunner on your ring finger. Once it’s yours, you’ll never take it off and you’ll always make sure it’s polished.

Rock Lobster Platinum Marquise Aquamarine & Diamond Ring



Turquoise is your colour, and you wear it every single day. You don’t mind one bit if your engagement ring is a hair different than one would expect. It’s totally gorgeous, and you independent spirit will carry it well. What’s more, you dress for yourself, even if that means a bold piece of statement jewellery. You could never imagine an engagement ring with zero personality.

Palladium Blue Topaz Diamond Rectangle Ring


You need a gorgeous engagement ring that you can get lost in. Since your power colour is sea green and your sign’s the symbol of a fish, a diamond that conjures images of a glistening ocean is perfect for you.

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