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Uno De 50 Ring Uno de 50 Silver grey swarovski deep eyes ring

Uno de 50 Silver grey swarovski deep eyes ring


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Uno De 50 design this Silver plated and grey swarovski deep eyes ring

Size : 58 size Q 1/2

The emblem of the brand -a tiny padlock- embodies much more than just a name. With its rounded contours and handcrafted look, it was conceived to evoke the security of exclusive pieces with a unique design.

UNOde50 was founded in the late 1990s to create fashion jewellery that would break all moulds. Unique and destinctive is what this brand and their customer is all about.

A fusion between tradition and modern that is crafted to be exclusive piece of very hardwearing jewellery

UNOde50 is authentic for its:

1. Creativity
2. Unique style
3. Bold spirit
4. 100% handcrafted "Made in Spain" production process

Add to other pieces from this designer to create the perfect look or gift.

Further ring sizes are available, please enquire.