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Rock Lobster Jewellery Bracelet Annika Rutlin Silver idun stirrup bracelet

Annika Rutlin Silver idun stirrup bracelet

IB75SR 8.5"

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Annika Rutlin designs and creates this Silver idun large stirrup link bracelet. Lovely heavy weight bracelet.

Link size: 2.3cm

Length: 8.5"

Fitting: Handmade Figure of Eight style Clasp

Annika was born in Belgium to a Swedish mother and Norwegian father. Childhood holidays gave her an insight into the crisp landscapes of her parents' homelands and have continued to heavily influence her designs. "Our latest passion is to improve our ethical sourcing and we are making great inroads into changing to 'green' materials, converting to recycled silver, fair trade green gold and fair trade diamonds and gemstones." Renowned for her unique designs and exceptional quality materials. Handpicked because of her distinctive style, which draws on the clean lines and simple silhouettes of her Scandinavian heritage.

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  • Length: 8.5"
  • Material: Silver
  • Manufacturer: Annika Rutlin