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Lola Locket

Lola Locket

With a thirst for fashion and design, Lola Locket brings you a touch of colour, glamour, and sophistication in her new jewellery collection based on 18 beautiful lockets.

For Lola, the history of Lockets holds an emotional and sentimental quality to them that makes them a special piece of jewellery. Each one of our Lockets is made in sterling silver or gold vermeil. Every Locket comes complete with your choice of 18" or 24" chain and is carefully stored with love in our own luxury packaging. 

Why Rock Lobster loves this brand..

We created these enchanting pendants to hold special memories that the wearer can love and cherish while keeping it close to the heart or body. Lola Locket makes the perfect sentimental gift for a loved one or a great way to keep your memories closeby.