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Diana Porter

Diana Porter

With intrinsic integrity in both design and finish, Diana Porter’s handmade jewellery is acclaimed for her contemporary and androgynous pieces. Her creative inspiration is derived from her personal beliefs, as can be seen through words on her signature pieces. Often used as decoration in combinations of gold on matt silver, acid etched for contrast and tactile qualities, giving Diana’s work an intriguing dimension.

Find the ‘And On’ collection, ‘Being’ collection, ‘Calm & Warm’ Collection, ‘Kiss’ Collection and many more.

Why Rock Lobster loves this brand..

All of Diana’s work is amazing especially the rings and bangles with their carved shapes and organic texture. They are instantly recognisable for those that follow Jewellery Designers.

The etchings on the bangles and rings are wonderful sentiments and make each piece feel totally individual to the wearer. Linda has had her bangle for over 15 years and it still looks as good as new, a testament to the fabulous design and quality of her work.