What Happened!

Jamie and I have been regularly going into the shop to check on things.  At first, the feeling in the city felt very eery,  there was hardly anyone around and it felt like we weren't supposed to be out and the police would order us to go back home. It was a very strange unfamiliar feeling. All of the shops closed and in darkness and the people that we did see, their faces were filled with confusion, fear, and disbelief.  The silence was like never before.  We have all experienced this in our own way and we are all coping in our own unique way.  The feeling in the city changes daily as we are adapting to the changes, we have to, we have no choice.

The sun is shining and with Spring it brings new possibilities and new growth. It will take time, patience, creativity, and love to restore our wonderful city.  It won't be the same again, it can't be, but hopefully will evolve and over time it will be back to life again with happy people and positive energy.  Things will change and hopefully for the good.